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About Us

The Wake Forest Journal of Business & Intellectual Property Law publishes four issues annually, pertaining to a wide variety of topics within the fields of intellectual property law and business law, while attempting to focus specifically on the intersection between the two.  The Journal also hosts the #1 Educational Law Blog, which offers an expanded coverage of the most recent developments in both business and intellectual property law.   In addition, the Journal sponsors a symposium each spring semester.  Academics, practitioners, and students of the law look to the Journal for a current and historical analysis of advancements in intellectual property law and its impact on the legal profession. Further, the Journal’s revised scope and mission attempts to integrate more practice-friendly pieces into a manageable medium for the practicing business and legal communities.

The Journal is one of three legal journals at Wake Forest University School of Law. As an entirely student-run organization, the Journal’s staff is selected based on superior academic performance, achievement in an annual writing competition, and in some cases, prior experience in intellectual property law.

The Journal publishes legal scholarship authored by academic faculty, practitioners, and students, and welcomes submissions of high-quality legal scholarship. The Journal’s editors work closely with an Advisory Board of intellectual property attorneys to review articles, notes, comments, and empirical studies that shape the content of each issue.