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Volume 19 Board of Editors

The Journal would like to congratulate the new Volume 19 Board of Editors:

Whitney Hosey, Editor-in-Chief — Yusuf Brown, Managing Editor — Gabriela Mejias, Business and Online Editor — Justine Parry, Manuscripts Editor — Niti Parthasarathy, Symposium Editor — Charlotte Loper, Executive Articles Editor — William Reingold, Executive Articles Editor — Tracea Rice, Executive Articles Editor — Avery Barber, Articles Editor — Camryn Keeter, Articles Editor — Kaylen Loflin, Articles Editor — Justine Wright, Articles Editor — Joseph M. Dougherty, Development Editor — Abigail Jacobs, Senior Notes and Comments Editor — Ashley Bouchez, Notes and Comments Editor — Michael Johnson, Notes and Comments Editor — Gregory M. Volk, Notes and Comments Editor — Mattile Gibbons, Research Editor

Fall 2017 Newsletter

The Wake Forest Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law has created a newsletter to keep our readers updated on all the exciting things we have going on this year.

Volume 18 Board of Editors

The Journal would like to congratulate the new Volume 18 Board of Editors:

Libby Casale, Editor-in-Chief — David N. Giesel, Managing Editor — Emily Burke, Business and Online Editor — Marisa Stern, Manuscripts Editor — Mark G. Huffman, Symposium Editor — Andrew Dinwiddie, Executive Articles Editor — Colin Ferriter, Executive Articles Editor — Amanda Romenesko, Executive Articles Editor — Melanie Cormier, Articles Editor — Mitchell Davis, Articles Editor — David Layman, Articles Editor — Samer Roshdy, Articles Editor — Charity Barger, Development Editor — Anna-Bryce Flowe, Senior Notes and Comments Editor — Katherine Escalante, Notes and Comments Editor — Briana O’Neil, Notes and Comments Editor — Maria Pigna, Notes and Comments Editor — Michael Fleming, Research Editor

Volume 17 Board of Editors

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James Lathrop, Editor-in-Chief  — Matthew W. Silverstein, Managing Editor — Ryan Bowersox, Marketing Editor — Molly F. McCartney, Manuscripts Editor — Lauren Henderson, Symposium Editor — Dianna Shinn, Development Editor — Amelia E. Lowe, Executive Article Editor — Rachel A. Oplinger, Executive Article Editor — Zachary L. Rhines, Executive Article Editor — Jenna B. Coogle, Article Editor — Candice A. Diah, Article Editor — Matthew Kerschner, Article Editor — Sarah Remes, Article Editor — Amanda M. Brahm, Senior Notes and Comments Editor — Lauren N. Freedman, Notes and Comments Editor — Kaitlin G. Westbrook, Notes and Comments Editor

Volume 16 Board of Editors

The Journal would like to congratulate the new Volume 16 Board of Editors:

Timothy M. McLister, Editor-in-Chief  – Eli M. Marger, Managing Editor – Joseph Greener, Marketing Editor — Anastasia E. Fanning, Manuscripts Editor — Jaime C. Garcia, Symposium Editor – Katherine S. Ott, Development Editor – Cameron J. Brown, Executive Article Editor — Jane C. Garrity, Executive Article Editor — Colin T. Kennedy, Executive Article Editor — Brittany P. Colton, Article Editor — Sarah A. Gallas, Article Editor — Timothy J. Readling, Article Editor — Emily A. Singer, Article Editor — Maggie H. Dickens, Senior Notes and Comments Editor — Kayla M. Frederickson, Notes and Comments Editor — S. Blaydes Moore, Notes and Comments Editor

Volume 15 Board of Editors

The Journal would like to congratulate the new Volume 15 Board of Editors:

Andrew W. Powell, Editor-in-Chief — Rebecca S. Winder, Managing Editor — Hannah Nicholes, Manuscripts Editor — Brinson Taylor, Symposium Editor — Bray Taylor, Marketing Editor — Caitlin S. Hale, Development Editor — Erica L. Navalance, Senior Notes and Comments Editor — Jeb S. Vaughn, Notes and Comments Editor — Joshua R. Adams, Notes and Comments Editor — James P. Miller, Executive Articles Editor —  Ashley N. Quaranta, Executive Articles Editor — Christine Carr York, Executive Articles Editor — Jingbang (Rex) Li, Articles Editor — Alexander R. Telarik, Articles Editor — Scott L. McEvoy, Articles Editor

Spring 2014 Symposium

Franchise Law in the Current Economic and Regulatory Environment 


The Wake Forest Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law publishes legal scholarship pertaining to a wide variety of topics within the fields of intellectual property law and business law, while attempting to focus specifically on the intersection between to the two. To that end, the journal will host and publish a symposium on Friday February 28, 2014 pertaining to franchise law, an area of the law that particularly incorporates both business and intellectual property law.

In particular, the symposium will bring together a range of practitioners and scholars to explore and discuss both the business and legal aspects of the franchise industry on both the domestic and global platform. Given the uncertainty of the current economy, political change, and newly enacted regulation, many franchises around the world will undoubtedly be affected in the near future. With these issues in sight, the journal seeks to educate attendees on the basics of franchise law, and provide an in-depth review of its importance in the market going forward.

The Wake Forest Journal of Business and Intellectual Property Law is seeking approval from the North Carolina Bar Association to offer CLE credit to attorneys who attend our symposium. We are confident that this symposium will be informative and benefit the North Carolina legal community. The symposium will run a total of 5 hours, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with a one- hour lunch break. A complete list of speakers with a brief description of their qualifications and detailed abstract of their respective presentations is below. The tentative schedule is as follows.

8:30 a.m. Breakfast and Check-In
8:45 a.m. Opening Remarks by Dean Blake Morant
9:00 a.m. Professor Robert Emerson – Basics of Franchise Law
9:40 a.m. Michael Garner – Basics of Franchise Law
10:20 a.m. Question & Answer Session for Professor Emerson and Michael Garner
10:40 a.m. Jon Neiditz – Critical Privacy and Information Security Loss Prevention
11:20 p.m. Barry Benjamin – Contests and Sweepstakes
12:00 p.m. Question & Answer Session for Jon Neiditz and Barry Benjamin
12:20 p.m. Break for Lunch
1:20 p.m. Jamila Granger – “Doing a Deal” Role Play
2:00 p.m. Darryl Marsch – Legal Issues in Domestic and International Franchising
2:40 p.m. Question & Answer Session for Jamila Granger and Darryl Marsch
3:00 p.m. Concluding Remarks

Our target audience for this symposium is comprised of local attorneys, judges, academics, and students. We hope that this presentation will teach our audiences about the evolving area of franchise law as it pertains to the current and future economic and regulatory environment, and enlighten each audience member on the intersection of business and intellectual property law in this growing field.



Professor Robert Emerson is the Huber Hurst Professor of Business Law at the University of Florida, and currently serves as the Senior Articles Editor for the American Business Law Journal. In particular, Professor Emerson focuses his research in the area of franchise law. His presentation, along with the presentation of Michael Garner (see below), will provide the audience with the basics of franchise law. Topics include defining a franchise, discussing the current regulation of franchising, and discussing the various types of franchise law.


W. Michael Garner is an American franchise and distribution law attorney based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota who represents franchisees, dealers, and distributors. Mr. Garner is also the author of Franchise and Distribution Law and Practice, a three-volume legal treatise, and editor of the Franchise Desk Book, a reference work for franchise lawyers published by the American Bar Association. Mr. Garner will focus his presentation on the importance of trademarks in the franchise industry. Topics discussed by Mr. Garner will include trademark rights pursuant to registration, loss of trademark rights, implications of trademark ownership, and trademark issues particular to franchising.


Jon Neiditz is a partner with Kilpatrick Townsend in the firm’s Atlanta office and focuses his practice in the areas of transactional intellectual property and privacy and information security. Mr. Neiditz will be presenting on the topic of critical privacy and information security loss prevention for the franchisor and large franchisee.


Barry Benjamin is a partner with Kilpatrick Townsend in the firm’s New York office and focuses his practice in the areas of advertising litigation and intellectual property litigation. Mr. Benjamin will be presenting on the legal aspects of contests and sweepstakes as they pertain to the franchise industry.


Jamila Granger currently serves as General Counsel at Primos Water Corporation. Mrs. Granger will conduct a “mock deal” comprised of a regulator, in-house counsel, and a sales individual from Krispy Kreme. Through the interactions of these three individuals, the audience will be exposed to the intricacies of a real deal, and better understand how information from the prior presentations is applied in the everyday practice of franchise law.


Darryl Marsch currently serves as Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary at Krispy Kreme in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Mr. Marsch will provide an overview of legal issues in domestic and international franchising and provide a practical perspective on franchise disclosure regulation, franchisee selection, and franchise termination proceedings. Topics of discussion will include the trademark and trade secret protection, anti-corruption legislation, tariffs, and international food-safety regulation.

Volume 14 Board of Editors

The Journal would like to congratulate the new Volume 14 Board of Editors:

Nathan Harrill Editor-in-Chief — Stephen Pritchad, Managing Editor — Cory Howard, Manuscripts Editor — Nick Harper, Marketing Editor — Sean Gannaway, Symposium Editor — Claire Little, Development Editor — Tory Summey, Senior Notes and Comments Editor — Jake Lopes, Notes and Comments Editor — Rebekah Garcia, Notes and Comments Editor — Charlie Lane, Executive Articles Editor —  Elise Arsenault, Executive Articles Editor — Megan Driggers, Executive Articles Editor — John Toth, Articles Editor — Leslie Evans, Articles Editor — Trey Henderson, Articles Editor — Garin Scollan.

 Volume 13 Board of Editors

The Journal would like to congratulate the new Volume 13 Board of Editors:

Chris Hewitt, Editor-in-Chief — Allen Orr, Managing Editor — Mark Vaders, Manuscripts Editor — Matt Wigton, Symposium Editor — Sarah Riedl, Development Editor — Tory Summey, Senior Notes and Comments Editor — Joseph Riegerix, Notes and Comments Editor — Pierce Haar, Notes and Comments Editor — Laura Esseesse, Executive Articles Editor —  Tom Mayhew, Executive Articles Editor — Brian McKeon, Executive Articles Editor — Charity Franklin, Articles Editor — Michael Levine, Articles Editor — John Manzo, Articles Editor.
Volume 12 Board of Editors
The Journal would like to congratulate the new Volume 12 Board of Editors:
Tiffany Johnson, Editor-in-Chief — Ashley Rudisill, Managing Editor — Rob Mackichan, Manuscripts Editor — Greer Benge, Symposium Editor — Vlad Vidaeff, Development Editor — Austin Walsh, Senior Notes and Comments Editor — Kimberly Richards, Notes and Comments Editor — Jonathan Ballerano, Notes and Comments Editor — Caroline Lawler, Executive Articles Editor — Christopher Gibson, Senior Articles Editor — Kathleen Rose, Senior Articles Editor — Thomas Pasakarnis, Articles Editor — Caroline Trapeni, Articles Editor — Mark Van Wieren, Articles Editor — Jeffrey P. Zimmerman II, Articles Editor
Spring 2011 Symposium
Creative Capital: Intellectual Property Creation and Venture Capital
In the business of innovation, issues of intellectual property protection and access to venture capital financing are inextricably intertwined. When entrepreneurs turn to venture capital as a source of funding, venture capitalists rely on intellectual property to protect investments in new technology. The symposium will address the many points of intersection between intellectual property and business law, especially in the context of the IP-based startup company. Panelists, including entrepreneurs, business managers, attorneys, and legal scholars, will present on two very practical issues: how intellectual property is used as a negotiating tool and the underlying tension between the venture capital markets and intellectual property law in a competitive landscape.
Keynote speaker Bob Young will discuss the benefits of open strategies over proprietary ones. A panel of entrepreneurs, business managers, attorneys, and legal scholars will present on two very practical issues: how intellectual property is used as a negotiating tool and the underlying tension between the venture capital markets and intellectual property law in a competitive landscape.
Volume 11 Board of Editors
The Journal would like to congratulate the new Volume 11 Board of Editors:
Dirk Lasater –Editor-in-Chief, Tom Kelly — Managing Editor, Travis Talbot — Manuscripts Editor, Emily Yandle — Executive Articles Editor, Emily Cantrell — Symposium Editor, Thanh Ngo — Development Editor, Gabi Witt — Staff Works Editor, Blake Brittain — Senior Articles Editor, Justin Brown — Senior Articles Editor, Elizabeth Osborne — Articles Editor, Travis Short — Articles Editor, Ron Payne — Articles Editor, Erin Tanner — Articles Editor.
Spring 2010 Symposium
Copyright vs. Copyleft: Artist and Author Rights in Tomorrow’s Digital Age
The IPLJ invited members of the music, software, and legal communities to attend the Journal’s annual symposium, on March 5, 2010. This year’s symposium focused on copyright laws in the digital age. Click here for more information on the panelists and topics discussed. Follow the Symposium, other IP issues, and become part of the conversation on our Blog.